How to enable terms and conditions checkbox in checkout step page in your Magento 1.x store

If you need to enable terms and conditions statement in Magento 1.x here is the quick guide.

If you want customers in your Magento store to acknowledge special terms or conditions before purchasing products, you can enable a Terms and Conditions checkbox that they must check before completing checkout. The Terms and Conditions message and checkbox is positioned between the Totals section and the Place Order button, and appears during Order Review. The transaction cannot be finalized unless the customer agrees to the conditions of the sale by selecting the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

Here is the steps you need to follow.

Step 1

Login to your Magento backend.

Step 2

Navigate to System -> Configuration -> Checkout-> Enable Terms and Conditions¬†and select “Yes” in dropdown box.


Figure 1: Magento Enable Terms and Conditions

Step 3

Now you need to create your terms and condition text. You need to navigate Sales -> Terms and condition -> Add New Condition then enter your “Checkbox Text” and “Content”.


Figure 2: Magento Terms and Condition Information

Pretty much completed. You will see your terms and condition statement in bottom of the one-step checkout page now.


Figure 3: Magento Enable Terms and Conditions, Frontend View (Checkout step page)